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Women Build Business
Confidence and Focus to Dream Big and make it happen

What is Women Build Business all about?


What are we here for? To support women who want to set up a business or grow their business in a way that will be fulfilling, energising and successful on their terms.


Why? I want to make a difference, transform lives and make the world a better place to live. So often women start their own business and find that it takes over their life, they are working all hours, become stressed, are uncertain whether they are taking the right decisions, their finances yo-you and they never know month to month whether income will be enough to cover the bills. So many women are doing what they feel they should do rather than taking time to discover the work they love to do. Many women start up a business, or plan to start one, to make use of their talents and skills in a way that fits around other commitments like childcare, caring for elderly parents and more, and struggle to do that. I want to help more women achieve their fullest potential, be confident and really believe in themselves.


How do we help? Through confidence courses and online programmes, coaching, articles, leadership lunches in Edinburgh, online leadership and personal development, seminars and any other support women need to achieve their goals.


Where do we work? Confidence courses and leadership lunches are run in Edinburgh, and in other locations for in-house programmes. We work with clients face to face in central Scotland and online with clients throughout the UK and the world.


Who is Sue Mitchell?

Sue founded Aeona in 2007 after running a consultancy for three years, when she realised one day that she'd spent the equivalent of 2.5 months in working days that year doing voluntary work - developing instructors for the British Sub Aqua Club. Clearly people development needed to be the day job. She has also led expeditions to the South Pacific and delved deep into research in evolutionary ecology, earning a PhD and post-doc fellowships at a Max-Planck Institute and Edinburgh University. She has herself experienced finding you're doing work that you no longer enjoy, or that isn't bringing you what you really need to feel fulfilled, and has transformed her own life in the process of choosing a new direction. Sue benefited from a crash course in running your own business (which is worlds away from academia!) and connecting with the other women in the programme who were also discovering a new path in life. Sue believes everyone deserves to have someone who can help them discover their full potential and connect with their dreams, and find the confidence to make it happen.

Sue brings a unique wealth of experience to coaching and training. She is a Business Mentor for the Scottish Chambers of Commerce and Scottish Enterprise programme and a business advisor with Business Gateway.

Sue founded Leaders in Scotland in 2009 to facilitate dialogue about leadership outside of formal training programmes and encourage sharing ideas, knowledge and wisdom to build a trusted community through building relationships. In 2014, Sue made these events women only, which has created a forum for open and honest conversations where women leaders and business owners share experiences with each other for inspiration and learning. While Sue believes very strongly in equality and diversity, she is also aware that women are seriously under-represented at senior levels and wants to encourage more women to have confidence to step up and lead their own businesses.




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"If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be." Anonymous