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Confidence and Focus to Dream Big and make it happen

Confidence for Business Start-ups Programme


  • Have you thought about working for yourself or making money for yourself in your spare time, perhaps building on your hobby, interest or skill?
  • Have you then dismissed it because you don’t know anything about running a business or being self-employed?
  • Does it seem too scary because you don’t have a firm idea of what your business is or how you could make it happen?
  • Are you serious about wanting to make money for yourself?
  • Then this programme is for you.

This programme will help you take the next step from having an idea about working for yourself and build confidence that you can do it.   Your business idea could be part time to fit around your other commitments or full time. The programme starts with workshops on recognising and working to your strengths, resilience, and refining your business idea to create your business purpose and vision. Later workshops introduce managing time, business essentials and creating your plan of action. Not only do you create a strong foundation of knowledge you also get to know and have the support of the others in the group who are experiencing the same excitement, hope, concerns and worries as you are.



Workshop 1. Set STRONG Foundations 1) Start creating your mindset for success

  • Why self-employment? Are you ready for being self-employed? What is involved?
  • Ingredients for a successful business – key skills for success.
  • Who are you? Know yourself – your strengths, capabilities, skills, qualities, environments where you flourish. Self-assurance comes from being comfortable with yourself and that starts with truly knowing yourself and what you stand for.
  • Explore potential barriers and how you will deal with them.


Workshop 2. Set STRONG Foundations 2) Values and motivation

  • Understanding you, your values, your motivation and how to get the best out of yourself to make your business work well.


Workshop 3 Set STRONG Foundations 3) Growth Mindset

  • positive and negative thinking, overcoming obstacles, change your thinking to change the barriers.
  • Working with Beliefs (reframing limiting beliefs, embracing empowering beliefs).  
  • Growth Mindset.
  • Comfort zone.


Workshop 4.Set STRONG Foundations 4) Create your Vision – for you and for your business

  • Purpose and meaning.
  • Goal setting. Expectations.
  • Assess your business idea and make sure that you will work to your strengths, be motivated, feel purposeful, draw on your passions and really believe in what you are doing.
  • Create your compelling and meaningful vision – make it real.


Workshop 5.   Marketing and Sales

  • Why are you excited about your business? Why would anyone else be excited about your business? Why will they want to buy from you?
  • Distil what it is you offer and why people want it.
  • Framework to calculate your pricing strategy.
  • Basic introduction to marketing and sales.
  • Create your marketing and selling strategies.


Workshop 6. Managing Money and Time – business year.

  • TIME management is vital and a major factor in business failures and personal stress (which is itself another factor for business failure).
  • Planning for success = controlling your time AND work / life balance so you can honour your core values and make time to renew and refresh yourself.
  • Money management: businesses succeed not only by making profit but especially by managing costs, and cash flow at different times.


Workshop 7. Communication and ACTION planning – make it happen.

  • Communicating your business
  • Feel good about communicating what you do in your business, marketing and selling your products and services
  • How are you communicating belief – if you believe in you/it, so will other people. If you don’t believe in what you are doing or are unsure, so will other people be unsure or lacking belief! How are you being authentic? It builds your confidence too, so it is easier to speak to others about it.
  • Focus on the practicalities – where will you work, what you need to do next, how you will do that, who you need to involve, what resources do you need, what do you need to learn and what can you do yourself right now.
  • Reduce the hurdles
  • Finish with the blueprint for your business




"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. " Michelangelo


Dear Sue,

Thank you for sharing your problem solving positive energy. I was really impressed with your course content, the way in which you got right to the heart of each obstacle and examined potential solutions, the way you made people feel like even their wildest dreams were possible if only they would break it down into a series of small steps :))

You have changed the course of my life and helped me realise that my business isn't a separate entity that I must support but an expression of myself that I can use to benefit others AND support my family.

I simply can't thank you enough." Claire. Starting up her new business.


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"If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be." Anonymous